Buy-Here / Pay-Here (BHPH) Software

Want to be able to maximize your profits on all your vehicles you sell? You need to offer a Buy-Here Pay-Here option for your customers. Bad Credit, Slow Credit, No Credit – NO PROBLEM. Who gets financed is now up to you! Don’t let all the financing agencies make all the interest from your loans. Put that money in your own pocket! Become your own finance company!

By using Wayne Reaves’ Car Program, you automatically have the ability to provide Buy-Here Pay-Here services to your customers. If your customer has a monthly price they are comfortable with, then you just set them up with a payment plan using Wayne’s Dealership Management Services and you can have them happy and rolling in no time. Not only did you help make a happy customer, but you can now earn much more on that vehicle than if you had just sold it to them outright or financed them through another third party!
Nike Free 2015

Get your customers rolling by using buy here pay here services from Wayne Reaves!


  • Integrated Secondary Finance Company
  • Enter Customer Credit Application On Screen
  • Print Completed Credit Applications
  • Access Credit Bureau Reports
  • Print Credit Denial Letters
  • Checks Homeland Security Database
  • Print Federal Privacy Notices
  • Figures Payments and Depreciation
  • Figures Money Factor & Rent Charge
  • Handles Residual Values
  • Figures Sales Tax
  • Prints Lease Contract
  • Prints All Other Forms Needed
  • Prints Title Application
  • Tracks In Vehicle Inventory and Repairs
  • Tracks Leased Inventory & Depreciation
  • Take Payments and Print Receipts
  • Calculate Pay Offs
  • Prints Lease Customer Summary Reports
  • Prints Leased Vehicles Reports
  • Prints Past Due Late List
  • Prints Late Letters
  • Prints Cash Sheets
  • Prints Profit and Loss Reports
  • Tracks Cash Received for IRS Form 8300
  • Prints Sales Tax Reports
  • Create Your Own Letters and Reports
  • Full Service Technical Support
  • Network Ready for Multiple Computers