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Wayne Reaves and CarStory Partnership

PRWeb and CarStory recently released a very complimentary press release announcing an agreement between Wayne Reaves Software and CarSmart to provide CarStory Merket Reports into our dealer websites. Here is an exerpt: CarStory, the industry’s largest provider of crowdsourced data and analytics on used vehicle pricing and preferences, today announced that Wayne Reaves, a leading [...]

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.NET Forms Update

In the update that went out on 3/4/15 for our .Net Dealer Management Software you will notice a subtle change to forms printing. Prior to this update if forms needed additional information it would pop up a box requesting additional info from you before it printed. The pop up would ask for all information on [...]

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New Georgia T-8 Form…

ATTN:  GEORGIA DEALERS The State of Georgia has recently made a change to the GA T-8 POA form.  As of March 1st 2015, they will no longer be accepting forms with revision dates prior to 02/2015.   The good news is that we here at Wayne Reaves Software have updated our programs to include the newly [...]

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FREE End Of Year Training Class

** WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 17th ** Special Manager’s Training Class Cost? FREE! When? 9:30AM to 5:00PM Where? Anderson Conference Center, 5171 Eisenhower Parkway, Macon, GA 31206 Here is a link to find a local hotel to stay at if you are going to be traveling overnight: HOTELS – CLICK HERE What will be covered? Important Financials [...]

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Wayne Reaves in the Spotlight

On March 15th, 2014, the Macon Telegraph wrote a great article on Wayne Reaves and his travels from meager beginnings to the owner of several successful businesses culminating with Wayne Reaves Software. Linda Morris’ piece was very informative for those who don’t realize the path Wayne took to get into the dealer management software and [...]

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Changes to our .NET Dealer Management Software Feb 14, 2014

Please note the following changes for .NET DMS v8.0.5.662. Many of these changes are technical in nature and may not affect all dealers in all states. Please just be aware that we are always looking to make our product better. We are always in development of new and improved features for your use. Some of [...]

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Support for Windows XP Going Away

As of February 1, 2014, Wayne Reaves Software will not support installing it’s products and software on computers running Windows XP or earlier. Surprisingly, some estimates show that over 28% of all PCs are still running Windows XP. Unfortunately, Microsoft is ceasing their support for it on April 8th 2014. This means that there will [...]

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Changes to Desktop Car Program

The biggest change in the Desktop Car Program update to be released this morning (1-21-14) is the inclusion of the Special TAVT rate for BHPH dealers. Setup for this is found on the ‘Special’ tab of the company setup screen. If the user enters ‘Y’ that they qualify for this special rate, then when a [...]

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Craigslist has dropped a bomb on car dealers!

According to Craigslist, vehicles listed in the For Sale by Dealer section will cost $5 per ad beginning today, December 3rd. Craigslist has put together a nice Q & A page which you can see here: Items to note: Cost will be $5 per ad Paid ads will run 30 days There will be [...]

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Craigslist Strikes Again – but we’ve got your back!

Craigslist has begun to disallow all the nice image-based ads that everyone in the industry has become so used to using. They have slammed the door on any ads that have any externally hosted images – meaning your professionally formatted ads that Wayne Reaves (and all other providers) was using. But Wayne has got your [...]

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