.NET Dealer Management Software

Why Wayne’s Dealer Management Software?

Wayne Reaves’ car dealer management software provides an easy way to manage every aspect of the business. Features include support for all aspects of running a dealership such as:

Dealer Management Software: Key Features

  • Runs Across the Internet
  • Access Your Data From Virtually Anywhere
  • Automated Back-ups – Secure Off-Site Archives
  • Program Automatically Updates For FREE
  • No More Networking
  • Stay Legal And In Compliance Using Wolters Kluwer Financial Services (Bankers Systems) On Plain Paper Printing For NO ADDITIONAL FEES!

Management of dealer vehicle inventory

  • Keeps Up With Inventory & Repairs
  • Get Federal Car History Within Program
  • Keeps Side Notes for Repairs
  • Prints Option Equipment List For Your Car Windows

Tracking sales

  • Detailed Sales Report from our Dealer Management Software
  • Prints Professional Payment Books
  • Keeps Pending Sales & Prospect List
  • Shows Amount Of Money In Street At All Times
  • Tracks Incoming Cash For 8300 Compliance

Finance and insurance calculations

  • Credit Bureau Reports – CredCo, MicroBilt
  • Enter Credit Application On Screen and Print Out
  • Built-in Related Finance Company
  • Save on Income Taxes

Tracking customers (and customer follow up)

  • Locate Vehicle Within Program Using GPS
  • Collect Payments Online: Credit Cards, E-Checks, or By Phone
  • Prints Late List & Letters
  • Accounts Receivable Reports
  • Takes Payments, Prints Receipts & Gives Net Payoff
  • Easily Work Collections Within Program
  • Process Repossessions and Print Repo Letters
  • Track Charge-Offs & Write-Offs


  • Integrates with Quickbooks
  • Does Sales Tax Reports, Cash or Accrual
  • Program Types Checks and Pays All Bills
  • Detailed Reports For CPA

Set up bank contracts and buy here pay here deals

  • Complete Buy Here – Pay Here
  • Second Chance Financing
  • Buy Here – Pay Here Leasing
  • Figures Finance Charges & Payments

Enter sales and print forms

  • Fills in and prints All Required Forms on plain paper
  • Keeps Up with Daily Deposits & Prints Receipts
  • Figures Credit For Sales Tax On Repossessions
  • Create Your Own Letters

Administrative and Legal

  • Prints Tag & Title application
  • Prints Federal Privacy Forms

Friendly Technical Support

  • Full Service Tech Support
  • 15+ Friendly Staff To Help You
  • 6-Day Support Week (Mon-Sat)

Wayne Reaves’ dealer management software is designed for the independent used car dealer offering:

  • Retail or Wholesale
  • Bank Financing
  • Buy-Here/Pay-Here
  • Sell Accounts To Other Companies
  • Use Directly Related Finance Company




To run our Dealer Management Software you will require an activation code. Please contact our sales department for your activation code if you haven’t already.



Windows Vista (SP2)
Windows 7 (SP1)
Windows 8
Windows 10

Although Home versions will work, we recommend the Business Version of all operating systems.

Starter / Basic / RT(Tablet) Versions of any OS are not supported.


Minimum connection speeds:
4.0 Mbps download, 1.0 Mbps upload

Recommended connection speeds:
6.0 Mbps download, 2.0 Mbps upload

A 100/1000 Mbps wired internet connection is required.

Wireless Networks or Wireless Printers are not supported.


Dual-core processor or better (Quad-core recommended)
3 GB memory (RAM – 4-6 GB recommended) 32-Bit Windows will only support up to 3 GB, 64-Bit versions will support more.
50 GB free hard drive space (actual program < 100MB, .NET and C++ take much more)

A general rule is that if you have bought your new computer in the past 2 years your hardware is ready to run our program.

Business Class Laser Printer (Automatic Duplex required) Must Support PCL 5/6 Minimum.

Recommended printers: HP M401dw | HP M1536dn | Brother 5350dn | Brother 5370d


Why not Windows XP?
Windows XP was released by Microsoft on October 25, 2001. Microsoft ended all support for Windows XP April 14, 2014. This means that Microsoft is no longer making updates to the important operating system code that our software, and many others, rely on. It also means that Microsoft is not publishing security updates for XP. There are know security holes in XP that can allow your data to be compromised and no one is going to fix them because it is such and old operating system. Even if you are running third party antiviruses, XP can still put you at risk. Windows XP does not have the ability to run our software the way it was designed to run. We do not recommend running any of our Dealer Management Software on Windows XP. Running our software on Windows XP can cause errors in the program and corruption to your data. If your XP computer meets the minimum requirements, it can be upgraded to Windows 7 relatively inexpensively. Windows 7 is a stable, supported operating system with a similar visual layout to Windows XP and support planned through 2020. However, if you think back, most likely you invested well in your XP computer all those years ago. It is best practice to plan to upgrade your your business PC every 5 years or so, depending on the quality of PC you purchased. Upgrading to newer hardware by buying a new PC will have tremendous benefits for your business over upgrading the software on aging hardware.

What about Mac?
We do not currently support Macintosh operating systems. This is because our dealer management software is programmed on the .NET Framework created by Microsoft. Since this is a Microsoft product the .NET Framework will not function on Mac OS’s and our software won’t either. This may change in the future, but for now our software will only work with Windows based operating systems.

What about tablets?
We do not recommend trying to install our software on a tablet. However, our software will function perfectly on a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 or newer. Always observe precautions when connecting via wireless. Most other tablets suffer 3 main issues that are present when using a tablet: hardware, operating system, and internet. First a tablet may not have the speed and power necessary to run our software the way it needs, this would cause program errors and could corrupt your information. Second the operating system might not be compatible with our software. This is true even for the newest Windows tablets that come with Windows RT, a version of Windows 8 that does not have the ability to run our software. The last reason we do not recommend tablets is because of internet connections. Typically tablets run on wireless internet connections and there is rarely a way to connect them with a wired connection. We do not recommend wireless connections.

Why not wireless?
Speed- Wireless is slower than a wired connection, and the amount of information that our software sends over the internet will slow that wireless connection down even more. And as we all know, time is money.

Reliability- A wireless connection is susceptible to interference. Something as innocent as the microwave in the break room can cause problems with your wireless internet. A wireless connection is also prone to dropping the connection, even for a fraction of a second. This loss of connection can cause errors in the software or corruption of your data.

Security- Even a password protected wireless connection is vulnerable to unauthorized access. A wireless connection is constantly sending out your data into the air, that’s how they work, which means any one that knows what they are doing can access your network and steal your customers’ information.

Have to have wireless? We recommend this router: CISCO 1801/K9

If the router you use for your internet provides wireless and wired connections it is important to have the wireless feature turned off when you connect your computers with the wired internet connection. If the wireless is left on Windows will connect to the wireless network and this will conflict with the wired connection. Because of this our software will be prone to the same errors, slow connections , and possible data corruption as a full wireless internet connection.


Each workstation (PC) will need to have the current updates to the operating system from Microsoft, the Microsoft .NET v.4.5.2 library, and the Microsoft C++ 2008 runtime library installed before installing the Wayne Reaves Car Program. If the current updates are not installed, the .NET library will do this for you – greatly increasing the amount of time needed for installation.

This is not a “browser-based” system, the data is hosted on our servers in the data center, and the program to access the data is on your individual workstation.

We store your data remotely so that you can easily access your data from remote locations using a PC and an internet connection. In addition, your data is automatically backed up by us without any intervention from you. This means you have no risk of losing your data that you have when being hosted on a local server in your store.

Your data is 100% secure on our servers. Only your specific program installations will have access to your data. In addition, Wayne Reaves will NEVER abuse your data by using it for our purposes. Your data is YOUR DATA. We will never compromise your trust in us to protect that information for you.



All sales are handled in a similar manner using the Wayne Reaves Dealer Management Software

Whether you want a simple cash sale, or a cash sale with a lien holder assigned or perhaps a more complex buy-here/pay-here deal or financing with a bank or finance company, Wayne’s dealer management program will handle it. The dealer management software will also handle leasing and lease-to-own, very popular today and seem to be replacing traditional buy-here/pay-here transactions because of the more favorable income tax and in some cases sales tax situations. We have also seen a rise in used car leasing as a result of the rise in bankruptcies. However you want to deliver the car, retail, wholesale, or leasing, you can do it with your Wayne Reaves Dealer Management Software.

You simply begin by typing in the customers name and address, and of course the telephone numbers where they can be reached. Our program will help you stay in compliance with many laws as you go. The Executive Order 13224, part of the Homeland Security Patriot Act from 2001, requires you check the OFAC’s SDN list, (commonly called the blocked persons or Homeland Security names list). The dealer management program checks this as soon as you put in the customer’s name. The federal privacy law form back in 2001 and safeguards procedures form 2003, the recent red flag rules effective already but to be enforceable Nov. 1, 2009. Required notices and prompts help you stay in compliance with these complex laws. For more information on how we keep you compliant please call our sales staff at 800-701-8082.

Now you have the customers information, all you do is select the vehicle from the inventory you have in the program already, or add it as you go. Then on to the finance deal screen, you choose the type of deal you want it to be. Make sure you have the sales price and payment terms you want, the dealer management software will ask you how you are receiving funds on this deal to maintain compliance with the IRS cash reporting requirements.

Next in line is printing. This is primarily done using a laser printer. One click and all your forms are created and filled out at the same time. Customized print lists are created for different types of deals; cash, buy-here/pay-here or financed through an outside lienholder. Okidata impact printing is supported for long-form finance contracts, warranty forms, title applications etc. where necessary.

Save your deal and you are done. The program automatically moves the vehicle out of active inventory and puts in the sold category in your dealer management program. The money received gets posted to today’s cash sheet to match the deposit slip for the bank and if the customer or bank owe us money, it creates the accounts receivable.